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Interactive conference committee map of the proposed City of Tucker
Interactive Conference Committee
4th Annual Tucker Chili Cookoff
Tucker Chili Cookoff 2015
Historic Browning Courthouse, Tucker, Georgia
Browning Courthouse, Tucker, Georgia
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Main Street Tucker
Main Street Tucker
Tucker's vibrant weekly Farmers' Market
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The City of Tucker is a fiscally responsible City start-up with room to grow based on citizen decisions


  • The City of Tucker will begin on a solid foundation of three cost-effective services with time to assess the real revenues that will be generated to fund additional city services.
  • Tucker will take responsibility for managing services that have a direct bearing on the City's economic development and growth – parks and recreation, code enforcement, and planning and zoning.
  • Costly services such as a city police force deserve to be considered by all citizens who will bear the cost. Police services can consume more than 60% of a city budget, meaning fewer funds for economic development aimed at attracting quality investments to support a sustainable local tax base.


  • As volunteers, Tucker citizens have always rolled up their sleeves and gotten things done, but imagine what we can do with full-time city officials dedicated to Tucker's needs.
  • Building a solid foundation on services that Tucker citizens are already actively engaged in ensures a stable start-up for the City of Tucker. This local experience and expertise focused at the City government level allows local control for effective implementation, enforcement and results.
  • A locally elected City Council of your neighbors would truly represent Tucker residents and businesses in making decisions with your input.
Any city will need to continue to work with DeKalb County for vital services like drinking water, and to ensure the County remains viable. Local control means we can focus on economic growth for the City of Tucker while working to ensure all of DeKalb County prospers.