How many people will the city of Tucker employ as staff?

Until Tucker becomes a city and has elected city officials, there are no exact answers to the structure and salaries of city staff. But we can look at what other cities have done and learn from successful models. Many function on a hybrid model with some full time city staff combined with private contractors. This is a strategy to lower the cost of government and achieve higher performance and better outcomes.

City managers and city clerks are typically full time staff, while the city attorney, auditor, finance director and other positions may be contractors. The only full time city staff position required by the Tucker charter is that of city manager (lines 816-823). This is the most critical position in city government as a city manager is responsible for the supervision of the day-to-day operations of all city departments and operates the city with a professional understanding of how all city functions operate together for their best effect (lines 674-725).

The city manager would be responsible for the preparation of a position classification and pay plan for city staff, which would be submitted to the city council for approval. Such a plan may apply to all employees of the City of Tucker and any of its agencies or contractors (lines 824-833). Before city council approval, budgets are made public and are presented during special hearings where residents will be encouraged to provide feedback (lines 945-948).