School District Attendance Lines Are Not Impacted by Cityhood

Did you know that some students living in Brookhaven, Chamblee, Doraville, and Dunwoody attend schools in other cities?

The truth is it’s not uncommon for students residing in one city to attend school in an adjacent city because city boundaries do not impact school district attendance lines. Attendance lines are not drawn by DeKalb County or by a City. Only the DeKalb County School System along with the DeKalb County School Board can make decisions about school attendance lines. The school system is a wholly distinct entity, separate from DeKalb County government.

Creating an entirely new city school system would require a state constitutional amendment, and legislators from the entire state would have to vote on it and pass it with a majority. In many rural communities the school system is the largest employer so there is little traction from legislators of either party affiliation to take such a bold move. Plus the amendment would then have to be approved by voters from across the state.