Tucker 2015 Volunteer Council

Tucker 2015 volunteers represent neighborhoods across the entire Tucker community who share a passion for moving Tucker from GREAT to EVEN BETTER. There are many people working hard for the proposed City of Tucker, and below are just a few of your friends and neighbors making a difference on your behalf.

Andrea Reed

I’ve lived in Dekalb County for 7 years, and in Tucker for 6 years. I love the small town feel of Tucker. We are a community that really cares about our people and the direction that we are headed. I support cityhood for Tucker because I believe that Tucker has a unique identity that can be best preserved through cityhood. With greater local control, I think Tucker is destined for great things.

I work as a fundraising consultant for Schroeder Resources and previously worked in several large nonprofits in the Atlanta area including Habitat for Humanity International, the Pew Center on the States, and the Salvation Army. I also serve as the fiscal liaison and board member of Johns Homestead Park here in Tucker. I’m a proud wife and mother of two children, and I enjoy gardening, cooking, and traveling.

Anne Lerner

I’ve lived in Dekalb County more than 17 years, and all of that has been in Tucker. I love that people in Tucker come together for the good of the community. We roll up our sleeves and get things done. We see a need and we fill it. I support cityhood for Tucker because for years I have volunteered with various organizations working side by side with members of the community who have given a good part of their lives to advance Tucker. We have done a great job, but can only do so much as volunteers. It’s time for us to have full time city officials and localized representation dedicated to the smart growth and economic development of Tucker. They won’t replace our community volunteers but will ensure their hard work is not in vain.

Berkeley Boone

My wife and I have been residents of DeKalb County for forty-one years and residents of Tucker for twenty-eight years. We raised our three children in Tucker. All attended our public schools.

I retired late in 2013 after a forty-year career in Claims with a long-established commercial Property and Casualty insurance carrier. Negotiations and participation in the settlement process were (and are) my interests. I’m an officer in our church, enjoy various outdoor physical activities and participation in home repair and food service projects in the community.

We have always been proud of Tucker’s long-standing identity as a community with spirit and camaraderie among its citizens. We also appreciate Tucker’s history of having a wide variety of commerce. I do as much of my business in Tucker as practical in order to support the community. We believe that cityhood would promote and preserve this way of life, and I look forward to supporting the effort.

Frances Vogel

I’ve lived in Dekalb County for 18 years, and 15 in Tucker.  The thing I love the most about Tucker is its small town feel within a big city.  I support the cityhood of Tucker in order to keep the integrity of Tucker by maintaining its borders, its history and its community.

I’m the bookkeeper/office manager for my husband’s business and I have 3 children in the local public schools.  I love hiking in our local parks and spending time with my family.

Frank Auman

I moved to DeKalb County in 1974 and graduated from Southwest DeKalb High School in 1981.  I’ve lived in several places around DeKalb since then, settling in Tucker in 2005 where I also own and operate my own business.  There are very few communities anywhere like Tucker. It has all the hallmarks that define the best in a community: churches, schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping, and businesses of all kinds that allow people to work, pray and play within a very short walk or drive of where they live. That rare combination has allowed Tucker’s citizens to build relationships that last a lifetime and span the generations.

I support cityhood for Tucker because times change, and the time for action has come. We must incorporate now in order to preserve the special community the people of Tucker have spent over 120 years building.  If we let Tucker be absorbed into the metroplex like so many other communities have been, we may never see the likes of it again, and that cannot become our legacy to future generations.

Jennifer Winterscheidt

I moved to DeKalb in 1990 to teach Special Education for DCSS, and we bought our house in Tucker in 1996.  I love the diversity of Tucker, and the small town feel with the benefits of living near a metropolitan area.  I support cityhood for Tucker because it is such a special place.  I believe it would thrive given the opportunity for more local control.

I’m originally from Pennsylvania.  I’ve been married for almost 23 years and have two sons who attend Tucker Middle and Tucker High.  I taught for DCSS for 10 years.  I co-own my event planning business, Katy Bee’s Events by Design.  I spend many hours volunteering at the schools.

Katherine Atteberry

I was born and raised in DeKalb County, decided to try some other Georgia counties on for size, but boomeranged back about 2 years ago.  I’ve been in DeKalb for about 18 years and the only place here I’ve called home is Tucker.  I went briefly to Tucker Elementary school and then Smoke Rise Elementary, back when our mascot was the Smoke Rise Flames!  The things I love most about Tucker are great neighbors that look out for each other, the Tucker “can do” spirit – if we see a need, we will find some volunteers to take action, and Main Street – where can you get so many delicious things all in one place?  I support cityhood for Tucker because I am already proud to call Tucker my hometown.  As the City of Tucker, we can take that strong foundation and promote additional, targeted economic growth, enhance our amazing parks and make sure we are responsive to code enforcement and other citizen needs.  As a City of Tucker, this is just the beginning!

I’m a University of Georgia Alumni (BSEH and MPA) and environmental enthusiast.  In my full time job I work to help local government interpret state and federal legislation primarily in the area of water resources.  I have 15 years of experience in the fields of public administration and community engagement.

Mario Chandler

My parents relocated our family from Kentucky to Georgia more than 30 years ago. I came of age in DeKalb County, and I am a product of the DCSC. Over the years, through childhood and adulthood (with a few stints out of the state for college attendance and international study), I have resided in other unincorporated areas of the county, though I settled on Tucker in my most recent residential iteration in DeKalb. My choice for residence in Tucker was deliberative, not accidental.

Not only was I attracted to the firm and easily recognizable sense of identity already in place in Tucker, but more importantly, the residents’, my neighbors’, unpretentious yet dignified pride that they are already a part of something very special, was irresistible. I am a professor at Oglethorpe University. One recurrent lesson that comes up with my students in the classroom is the importance of cultivating a sense of “self” in our engagement with world beyond us. To know who you are is one thing, but to be able to share the uniqueness of self for the common good is a thing of beauty. This is precisely what I take away from Tucker’s cityhood effort, which is why it has my support and enthusiasm.

Matthew Lee

Tucker is home. My family settled in DeKalb and Gwinnett in the 1830s. My great-grandmother grew up on a farm on Weems Road behind what is now Northlake Festival, and when I die I’ll join her and six generations of ancestors buried in DeKalb. Long before that day arrives, I hope to enjoy many years with family and friends in a prosperous and well defined community called Tucker.

Early on I was opposed to the idea of incorporation. It seemed unnecessary. As time passed I examined the issues, the opportunities and challenges ahead, and eventually persuaded myself that if it’s done right, this can be a very good thing. The only way for it to be done right is to be involved, be honest about potential risk and benefits, and encourage others to do the same. For me Tucker has always been about people. About taking the time to do things right, build on existing relationships, and expanding the circle of influence. That’s what I see in Tucker 2015.

I attended Livsey Elementary and Tucker High School. During those years I had a Doraville mailing address, but we knew we lived in Tucker. Today, I have a Tucker mailing address but live just across the Gwinnett County line outside of the proposed Tucker map. That may cause some to question my involvement but as I said in the beginning, Tucker is home. I’m interested in the success of the community even if my house falls outside the boundaries.

Michelle Penkava

I spent the first ten years and have spent the last 20 years of my life in DeKalb County. I’ve seen a lot of change in my time in Dekalb. As a kid, my brothers and I played soccer at Blackburn Park when it was just a few fields behind a 7/11 store. While Perimeter Mall was being built, we rode our horses down Ashford-Dunwoody Road along the cow pastures back to the stables that were located on what is now part of Marist’s campus. I moved back to Dekalb in 1994 when my now husband and I bought our first home in the Medlock Park area of Decatur, not far from Emory. When we had children we began researching elementary schools and chose to move to Tucker in 2001, and we immediately felt at home.

I love Tucker people – their community spirit and commitment to improving not only their own quality of life but the quality of life of their neighbors. I love the public get-togethers on Main Street, and the enormous amount of camaraderie. You see people you know everywhere you go in Tucker. That small town feel is something special in an area so close to Atlanta.

I support cityhood for Tucker because I want to ensure that Tucker’s story continues and that the hard work of generations is not dismantled. Tucker has a rich history, and that should merely be the beginning of an even greater legacy. With the ability to make decisions about the shape of Tucker’s future, the City of Tucker will allow us to focus our local resources on economic development that matches what we want for our quality of life. Sustainability and growth guided locally by planning and zoning that was created by the Tucker community is important for our children and grandchildren..

Sonja Szubski

I’ve lived in Dekalb County since 1978, and in Tucker since 2007.  I love Tucker because the community is rich in diversity in all aspects of life: religion, income, race, age, politics. Yet, we are united in the common goal of the betterment of our community. I support cityhood for Tucker because I see incorporation as a way for the citizens of Tucker to take over the reins and steer their future in matters of community, economic development, and positive growth.

I’m a wife with two young children and teaches preschool at a local church. In addition to volunteering with Tucker 2015, I also sit on the board of the Tucker Civic Association as the District 4 representative.  While I would like to say that in my spare time I enjoy cooking, the outdoors, and working out, that isn’t true at all.

Trinija Martin

I’ve lived in Dekalb County for 5 years, and my husband has lived here over 20 years. We live in Smoke Rise. I love that Tucker is a united front. It’s a welcoming community that embraces all cultures and it embodies diversity.  I support cityhood for Tucker because I’ve lived in Alpharetta and worked in Suwanee.  Both cities began as a community similar to Tucker and look at them now.  Tucker’s inclusive perspective affords citizens a sense of ownership and pride in the community. That’s no small victory for any community. Tucker is on the right track to becoming among the most coveted places to live in DeKalb County and I want to be part of the team that makes that happen.

I have an MBA in human resources management with a strong emphasis in organizational development and strategic vision. From what I have experienced in working with the Tucker 2015 team, Tucker is poised for immeasurable success. I’m an advocate for diversity, community and family values, and integrity. My goal is to help develop a city future residents and business would stand in line to be a part of.

Terry Cole

I’ve lived in Dekalb County for nearly 20 years.  When I was buying my first home in 1997, I picked Tucker because of the great small town feel and the diversity.  The thing I love most about Tucker is the people – folks in Tucker are as “real” as they come.  Despite being so closely connected to metro Atlanta, there’s nothing pretentious about the people here.  Everyone is quick to help a neighbor, and people truly know each other.  The people in Tucker are hardworking and not afraid to get their hands dirty to make the community better.  There’s a sense of inclusion that makes Tucker diverse and full of character.  I support cityhood because Tucker won’t stay a sleepy suburb forever, and I’d like local control over Tucker’s growth and economic development.  Our proximity to downtown and the opportunities for re-development mean folks from outside our community will be looking to build and re-configure Tucker based solely on economic drivers. I personally want local planning and zoning decisions made by members of the Tucker community who are accountable to their neighbors. The Atlanta area is a competitive market, and there is a huge need to keep pace with our neighboring communities when it comes to attracting quality employers and long-term economic investment. A City of Tucker offers not only full-time leadership devoted to economic development but also a City Council that can streamline permitting and other processes to get our community back on equal footing with our neighbors.

I live in the Empire Square subdivision off of Midvale Road.  I’m a Georgia native from a small town and I’m a proud graduate of the University of Georgia who loves SEC football.  My work in the communications field has allowed me to travel extensively but I always love coming home to Tucker.  I’m active as a volunteer with Trinity Ministries and am an incoming member of the 2015 Class of Leadership Dekalb.  I started a Bunco group in my Empire Square neighborhood years ago and love getting together with my neighbors for our fun-filled monthly “competitions.”