Who decides if Tucker becomes a city?

Only registered voters who live inside the proposed City of Tucker boundaries may vote YES or NO on cityhood Tuesday, November 3rd. To ensure your voice is counted, it is critical that you take time to go to your polling place on Tuesday and cast your vote.

For three years Tucker citizens have fought for the opportunity to decide the future of our community. You have attended neighborhood meetings, made calls to the State Capitol, written our legislators, volunteered at community events, and more to ensure we all have the right to vote in the referendum on Tucker’s future.

Going to the polls and casting your YES vote is the final and most important act in this long process and every single vote is needed to make a difference. In order for Tucker cityhood to pass, 50% of voters plus one needs to vote YES.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to make time on Tuesday to get to the polls.

If you are unsure of your precinct location, this link provides information: http://web.dekalbcountyga.gov/Voter/VoterInformation.html.

If you still have questions about what the City of Tucker would mean for you, please take time to review our “Friday Facts” archive – it includes the questions most frequently asked by citizens compiled in one easy-to-read location.